The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me!

I am no stranger to neck and back pain. My shoulders started voicing their displeasure during the college years of sitting through classes and hunched-over study sessions. Graduate school and then a desk job with frequent travel had the shoulders recruiting my neck, low back, and wrists to join in on the action. This seemed like a normal part of life until my husband returned to school to earn his degree, and began to suffer neck and shoulder pain as well. His previous job with regular movement and activity was replaced by hours of sitting in class and working on a computer, and I realized that neck and back pain were no limited to me and my own seated little world.

I decided to learn everything I can about the impacts of sedentary work, and take the initiative to make changes in my own life to reverse the impacts of all of this time spent on my rumpus. Since I am likely not the only one out there who would like to understand what all of the collective research shows, what recommended strategies exist to address the challenges, and how effective these strategies are, I hoped that sharing my journey through this blog would be able to help others as well.

It turns out that impacts of sedentary work on health is associated with neck and back pain as well as more serious concerns according to an overview of research provided by WebMD. This heavily studied area shows clear correlations between extensive time seated and risks of heart disease, shortened lifespan, dementia, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, weight gain, anxiety, varicose veins, and even certain types of cancer.

Recommendations are provided from simply moving a couple of minutes every half hour or standing at your desk for part of the day to using a treadmill desk.  As I dig further into the pool of knowledge around impacts of seated work and begin to test out the recommended strategies, I will share what I learn in this blog. With so much information out there to explore, I hope to see the forest through the trees and identify the key issues and most promising solutions. My years of experience digging through scientific and clinical literature should prove useful in this quest. I look forward to a little less pain in my future and a boost to my heath and happiness, and I hope yours as well.

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